Hi! I'm Inge,

I'm a Certified Transformational Coach & Therapist and I love to support men & women who are ready to make a deep and lasting change in their lives and relationships.
It is my role to guide you back to a place of wholeness and connection. More specifically, to the Love & Wisdom you already hold inside of you. 
From that place we'll uncover the root cause of emotional triggers and change dysfunctional patterns and beliefs which you have subconsciously formed about yourself.
This allows deep healing to unfold so you can truly thrive in your relationship(s) and all areas of your life. 

My Story

If there is one area in my life that has challenged and taught me the most about myself, it has been in the area of relationships. It was during the 27 years of my first marriage that depression, physical illness and emotional exhaustion began to reveal themselves accompanied by feelings of guilt, unworthiness and jealousy.
Being a Mum of three beautiful children I decided I would do everything to understand and free myself from this inner burden.
Over 25 years of extensive training & studies in personal and spiritual development as well as different forms of therapy, have brought me to a place of deep healing and understanding, feeling empowered and whole within myself.
It has completely changed my life and my relationships.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to take that long to experience positive and lasting changes in your life and relationship(s).
Looking back, I wish I'd had someone I could have gone to earlier who would have been able to
uncover the dysfunctional patterns and subconscious beliefs that had caused so much struggle in my relationship.

I've learned that healing not only involves understanding and addressing the root cause of painful emotional patterns but, equally important,  to become aware of how we keep the trauma in place by the false beliefs we have subconsciously formed about ourselves, that keep creating the same painful experiences over and over again. I would be honored to help you find emotional freedom within yourself and your relationships.

  • ICF accredited Rapid Transformational Coach (RTC Marisa Peer School UK)
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTT Marisa Peer school UK)
  • GHR accredited Hypnotherapist trained in Regression Therapy (Regression Academy UK)
  • Kashmir Yoga Teacher (Yoga School Rotterdam NL)
  • Dru Yoga Teacher (Life Foundation School of Therapeutics North-Wales)

Training Courses/Studies:
  • Specializing in relationship dynamics & attachment styles
  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • EFT
  • Philosophy studies

Work with Me

Now, On a non coaching note,
 you might also be interested to know that I...

Have moved to the South of France, together with my husband Bart, where we love exploring "La Joie de Vivre"

Am a blessed and proud Mum of three beautiful children,
four grand-children & family

Am a lover of all things self love & appreciation, slow living, healthy cooking and never ending expansion!

Am a highly sensitive woman and an introvert at heart who is secretly relieved when plans for a night out are cancelled 

Once resented life but rediscovered joy & balance in my life through a never ending drive to know and heal myself

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