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 with yourself and others

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If you're like most of us, and I used to be like that too, we often judge ourselves and/or blame our partner for the conflict we experience in our relationship(s). We tend to feel victimized by their behavior and the painful feelings that it's causing. Of course, in some circumstances, when a relationship is toxic or abusive in any way, you need first to make sure you're safe.

However, more often than not, we are not aware of our patterns of thinking and behavior that might be causing painful emotions & conflict within ourselves and
the relationship.
Learning how to love and take care of yourself emotionally in the relationship, without judging yourself, will reduce conflicts and improve the way you relate
to your partner and others.


  • Maybe you constantly need validation from your partner or others, never feeling good enough?

  • Maybe you're feeling lonely, unhappy, disappointed or depressed in your relationship(s)?

  • Maybe you don't feel emotionally safe, cherished and understood with your partner, you feel like you are walking on eggshells?

  • Maybe you're experiencing anxiety, resentment, anger, guilt, shame and jealousy causing conflict and distance between you and your partner?

  • Maybe you feel like you are losing your true self in the relationship, putting everyone else's needs before your own, feeling unable to set healthy boundaries?

  • Maybe you have a hard time trusting your partner and catch yourself exhibiting controlling behavior?

Relationships are the PhD of Personal Growth

Learn how understanding and having compassion for yourself,
rather than ignoring or judging yourself,
can totally change your inner and relationship experience.

Together we're going to create a safe space in which you will feel guided
and supported to heal, grow and build trust within yourself.
Our initial sessions will be dedicated to delving deeply into yourself, seeking to truly understand yourself and get clear on what you want to experience in your relationship(s). 
Too often we know what it is we don't want rather than focussing on what we truly desire.
We'll explore what is keeping you stuck in your relationships, the conflicts you
experience and uncover dysfunctional patterns of thinking & behavior that keep
repeating over and over again.
You'll gain understanding of how most of those patterns and beliefs were formed when we were growing up and affect our adult relationships.
We will work on a conscious and subconscious level to address the root cause of these dysfunctional patterns and beliefs in order to create a deep and lasting change.

Self awareness allows for a genuine understanding of yourself, how you might be avoiding your true feelings and how you might be abandoning yourself in your relationship(s).
It also allows you to do something about it as you will acquire powerful tools to heal and manage painful emotions that may be triggered in your relationship(s).
You will learn to communicate your truth in a respectful way, set healthy boundaries and to take personal responsibility for your part in the relationship.
You will grow in Self love. This is your power.

With a solid understanding of yourself, the tools you'll acquire and by learning to look at yourself through the eyes of love and compassion, you will transform how you are truly present and learn how you can change the whole dynamic of your relationship(s). 
You will receive a personalized recording to install new, more beneficial, healthy
beliefs and patterns that are in alignment with your internal values.
This will reflect in your external behavior which will help you on your journey to the creation of trust and integrity within yourself and your relationship(s).

Our coaching sessions will be:

Just Imagine if you could...

  • Feel connected, supported, seen, heard and understood by your partner and others

  • Feel loved without having to give up who you are and have a partner you can trust and rely on

  • Have a sense of security within yourself - knowing you have your own back & can trust yourself and are able to reduce & manage conflict in your relationship(s)

  • Feel equipped with powerful tools to manage and heal painful emotions

  • Have increased confidence, feel amazing as you are, feel in your bones your worthiness so you could stop trying to be something or prove something and could be present in your relationship(s) as your authentic Self

I know this is possible for you because I've been there too.

From my own experience I know that long-term inner or relationship conflicts can leave us anxious, worried and depressed, be a drain on our emotional wellbeing & self esteem and can even cause physical discomfort.
It deprives us from the joy of life.
Conflict is often caused by unconscious patterns of thinking and behaviour, in both partners, unresolved feelings of fear or pain  which can be healed and rewired on a conscious and subconscious level for a healthier, happier life & relationship.

Your journey towards personal power and emotional freedom

I'll be honest with you, the process of healing will not always be a feel-good process, however any discomfort will only be temporary. I can tell you that there is great freedom and empowerment in becoming aware of the false beliefs and dysfunctional patterns that are holding you back from the joy & fulfillment you're looking for and in being able to change it.
I'll be delighted to help and support you on your journey!

Are you ready to...

  • Create a deep and lasting change within yourself and your relationship(s)?

  • Feel worthy of the love that you deserve?

  • Feel empowered and a lightness within your being so you can share your love with your partner and others without losing yourself?

  • Feel guided and supported by the source of Love and Wisdom you hold within yourself?

  • Learn to trust, love and take care of yourself emotionally in your relationship(s)?

  • Be able to reduce conflict in your relationship(s) and communicate your truth in a  respectful way?

Then let's have a chat together!

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Kind Words from Beautiful Clients

 Ann, Alet-les-Bains

Inge has helped me reconnect with my whole self, not just the intellectual and rational part of me.
She has enabled me to face preconceived idea and memories which were formed at a time when they served a purpose in my life and bring me to a realization that they no longer serve me. Her guidance has given me the tools to reframe my sense of who I am and why certain things trigger emotional reactions in me based on my past. Inge’s intuitive listening, genuine acceptance and skill-set create a sense of complete openness and safety where I can talk about anything without fear of judgment or shame. The time spent with Inge has allowed me to accept all parts of myself, learn the importance of self-love and caring and see how I can heal myself in order to reach a space where I feel ready to review past relationships in a new light and be open to new balanced relationships which bring joy to my life.

"I came to Inge because I didn't feel really happy anymore. I also wanted to arm myself against my sensitivities within my relationship and feel more balanced.
Inge taught me many things, especially that we cannot change other people but only ourselves. She is a kind of guide who uses various techniques from different 
disciplines to help and guide you, without shying away from the spiritual aspect but with a solid and grounded foundation. I immediately felt at ease with her. She is empathic, but was also challenging at times, holding up a mirror and waking you up so you can grow further".

Petra, Cailhau

What brought me to Inge was that I had lost my inner smile as of pain due to certain circumstances. How could I return to being the happy woman I once was, and how could I be better with myself? Her kindness, listening ear and with her questions, we came back to the essentials. She learned me the tools how to heal myself. Thank you very much Inge!

Alexandra, Limoux

Ways to work with me

Transformational Coaching 6 weeks

  • 3 X Intensive coaching sessions 90 min
  • 3 X Session review report with exercises and/or agreed action steps 
  • 1 X Recorded guided visualization to connect with your inner guidance
  • 1 x Custom created recording to rewire redundant, limiting beliefs 
         and solidify new supportive ones
  • Email / Messenger support for 6 weeks

         Your Investment:  €444  

Transformational Coaching 12 Weeks

  • 6 X Intensive coaching sessions 90 min
  • 6 X Session review report with exercises and/or agreed actions steps 
  • Recorded guided visualization to connect with your inner guidance
  • 1 x Custom-created recording to rewire redundant, limiting beliefs        
          and solidify new supportive ones
          Email / Messenger support for 12 weeks

         Your Investment:  €777 

Sessions can take place either in-person or via video calls worldwide in English or Dutch

* Payment plan available

* Payment plan available

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